DG7YBN's Commercial Venture
  Last Update Jan. 1st 2020
Dipl.-Ing. / IWE Hartmut Klüver



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Logarithmic-Periodic Antenna 0.42 ... 6.5 GHz on Printed Board
See  here 
New delivery of standard insulators 20 x 20 mm und 25 x 25 mm arrived!
See  here 
All you can seal    ... new delivery of Spinner PLAST2000® arrived
See  here 
TGN SULNA 'True Low Noise' Amplifiers 2m - 13 cm
See  here 
Blade dipole arms for GTV 70 cm Band Yagis
See  here 
Surplus: Cooling bars QRO SSPAs, fans, ferrite cores ...
For Surplus see  here 
Insulators and Element Holders by 7arrays
Find them  here 
Read all about the 70 cm QRPP EME tests and Records set by MX0CNS
Booklet available  here 
3D Drawing of GTV 70-2m EME Record Replica
Read more  here 

  Find antenna designs and building instructions on DG7YBN website               

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